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About Us

Hepros is a small family business founded in 2002 in Schleswig Holstein, Germany. We design and produce our own scooter models and distribute them worldwide. Top service and fast processing, also of special customer wishes, have top priority at Hepros. From the beginning of the first years, we developed in the direction of funsport products, with a focus on scooters. This is how the brand Hepros came into being:

Our development

  • 2002   The beginning of sales of general goods on the Ebay platform with a focus on scooters and bicycles
  • 2005   Registration of our first own brand Heavenly-Products
  • 2006   Joining the Jr. in the business to build the brand and sales expansion
  •     Creation and development of the own distribution platform / shop
  • 2007   Have the first own scooter made to our specifications
  • 2008   Formation of our new brand Hepros formerly Heavenly-Products
  •     Introduction of Hepros 200mm LED Illuminated wheels
  •     Introduction of the first Hepros XXXL 200mm scooter up to 120kg
  • 2009   Introduction of pneumatic tires for our folding scooters
  • 2011   After successful growth: construction of its own warehouse and production hall in 25774 Krempel Germany
  •     Start of development of a new, innovative scooter model
  • 2012   Presentation of the new Hepros XXXL Ultra premium scooter in a wide variety of wheels and designs
  •     Registration and confirmation at the German Patent and Trademark Office for our unique folding mechanism with tooth lock
  • 2015   Model Care Scooter Hepros XXXL Ultra
  •     Introduction of other smaller scooter models
  • 2018   Construction of an office at our hall at the production site
  •     Development of a new scooter model Hepros Ultra made of carbon
  • 2019   Production set-up Made in Germany for the new scooter model Hepros Ultra Carbon