About Us


Hepros is a registered trademark and supplier of Fun articles.

We are a medium sized family business, founded in 2002 in Schleswig-Holstein and have made ​​it our task to produce, for example, scooters at reasonable prices and top quality in-house development and manufacturing.

With our own brands Hepros, Row2U and Heavenly Products we are active in the areas of scooter / scooters, bicycles and accessories.

Our customers are retail, wholesale and retail traders, Fun vendors, distributors, playground designers, youth centers, schools and communities. The goal is to successfully work with you to be. Therefore Hepros develops new and high quality products at reasonable prices.

Europe meanwhile products are available from Hepros. On the Internet and Retail - Our products are designed for both children and adults. Applies to all:

Hepros - brand - a leader in design and functionality!

We offer you a unique range of quality that distinguishes us from our competitors pleasant, convincing application and price!

Hepros - Scooter - the highlight

With Hepros scooter series, we offer a basic range of the most popular scooters sizes. They buy these products directly from the manufacturer here - Hepros.

Best service and fast responses, also of special customer requirements are top priority at Hepros.