2 years warranty

Let us buy eases!
Their purchases with us are secured by our two-year guarantee.
Why the guarantee?

Quality is an important term for us. Therefore we act only with branded articles of established manufacturers. With the selection of the assortment and with the purchase we attach great importance to high Qualitaetstandards and first-class processing. Therefore we can offer with calm conscience an extended warranty of three years to you.


What doesn't fall under the guarantee?

The guarantee does not apply naturally to so-called wearing parts. In addition count all articles, which are subject to a natural or use-conditioned wear. For Example can be mentioned wheels, bearings, board stickers, battery  and bulbs. Of course the warranty is also not apply if products have been used improperly, or no longer exists in its original condition.


The legally prescribed warranty remains naturally unaffected by all that. The exact remarks find you in our general trading conditions. With questions you call simply our Hotline under +49 (0)04882 224318 on or send a E-Mail at us.