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Hepros Ultra Air VA stainless steel scooter Adult Made in Germany b-stock

Hepros Ultra Air VA stainless steel scooter Adult Made in Germany b-stock

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B-goods from the prefabrication, load to a maximum of 80kg driver weight without optical and technical defects.


Our new top model: the Hepros Ultra with a board made of VA stainless steel, Made in Germany, is handmade in our small scooter manufactory in Schleswig-Holstein. Currently the coolest folding scooter worldwide. After a long, intensive development by our team in cooperation with our engineer, we are pleased to present the new generation of scooters. The new premium upper class according to our slogan:

Hepros always a bit better!


The functional, stable lightweight design made of VA stainless steel is handcrafted in an unprecedented, minimalist, cool industrial look and sets new standards for scooters.


Another highlite: The scooter can be opened and closed with just the push of a button. It works quite easily without annoying quick release and the scooter is as known from our previous Ultra models, "wobble-free as welded". In addition, by popular demand, we incorporate a handbrake in this new scooter series.


With our Luftbreifung you drive most comfortable on wet roads, bumps such as heels and joints in pavement slabs or cobblestones. Even for deadlocked forest roads, pneumatic tires are the first choice. Thanks to the 5.6 bar high-pressure tires, even heavy drivers can drive without great rolling resistance. Air wheels brake only when the air pressure is too low.


  • Weight 5.950 g
  • Dimensions unfolded 91,3 x 17,7 x 83 - 107 cm
  • Handlebar width opened 46 cm
  • Dimensions folded 91,3 x 17,7 x 30 cm
  • Driver's weight up to 80kg
  • Deck footrest 40 x 17,7 cm
  • Footboard height 8 cm
  • Ground clearance 5 cm
  • Handlebar height 83 - 107 cm


  • Front wheel fork with integrated splash guard made of VA stainless steel
  • kickstand
  • Lock-on handles with aluminum clamp and particularly grippy rubber
  • Rims plastic 30% fiber reinforced Made in Germany
  • Air Wheels 8 x 1 1/4 Zoll (205mm)
  • Air pressure 5,6 bar
  • Ball Bearings / Wheel Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Rear brake pad exchangeable, with operation of the hand brake lever on the handlebar.
  • Non-slip Griptape for a secure stand on the Borad


  • Folding mechanism made of VA stainless steel
  • Color Board: stainless steel
  • Handlebar telescope unit made of aluminum 6061t6 with double handle quick release
  • Wheels changeable to all types of pneumatic wheels, illuminated wheels, PU wheels


For teenagers and for all adults who want to have fun starting from a height of 130 to 198 cm!




kartonsThe board is made of VA stainless steel. It sets new standards with the cool futuristic industrial flat design. The open carrier architecture not only ensures high stability, but also a simultaneous reduction in weight.



Folding mechanism & handlebar telescope

kartonsThe use of the highest material grades of these sensitive components is a matter of course. Due to the new folding mechanism with trigger in the handlebar, the scooter offers the highest user-friendliness.

The trigger to open and close the folding mechanism in the lower part of the telescopic handlebar, locks automatically after releasing and gives a secure feeling, as if it were all in one piece. No annoying quick release more, you have to adjust again and again. It is noteworthy that you can carry the scooter like a briefcase in your hand and if necessary trigger the trigger like a weapon and the scooter opens. The new folding joint also has the latest appreciated by our customers Verzahnungsverschluss in the latest version.



Front Fork

kartonsEverything from one piece. Front forks and splash guard in a unique cool look made of VA stainless steel. The storage of the front fork is not built as usual with steering head bearings from the bicycle area, but with extra strong tapered roller bearings from the Motorad Technik. This is almost wear-free.




kartonsOur high-pressure tires 8 x 1 1/4 inches (205mm 5.6 bar) with the 30% fiber-reinforced plastic rims (made in Germany) offer particularly high comfort and stability as well as smoothness. The standard quality of the wheel bearings complies with ABEC 7. These ball bearings ensure high speed. Weight per wheel 439g. With the car valve you could, if necessary, refill conveniently at any air station. We recommend our small hand air pump up to 28bar with which you can inflate without pressure loss. For the correct handling please look at our youtube videos.




kartonsBowden cable handbrake with braking effect on the rear wheel. Replaceable brake pad.




Handles with quick release

Handgriffe mit SchnellspannerHandles with quick release A T-bar with retractable handlebar, which feels like welded after opening by our popular double handle quick release with snap action. Equipped with high-quality, screw-on aluminum lock-on handles. The 46 cm wide handlebar ensures a safe driving experience.




Safe and easy wearing

Sicheres und einfaches TragenSafe and easy carryingOur new folding mechanism has an extra centering. This prevents in the folded state that the handlebar can twist. So far you could not wear a collapsed scooter that safe and comfortable.




Optional Tuning Upgrade


Wheel bearings:

Our standard is ABEC7, optionally you can upgrade to high quality ABEC9 or hybrid ceramic wheel bearings. The tolerance classes of the ABEC scale are indicated by ascending designations ABEC1, ABEC3 etc. A higher number corresponds to lower manufacturing tolerances of the bearing. Bearings develop their full performance only after retracting and then offer maximum speed. Our ceramic wheel bearings for enthusiasts meet the manufacturing tolerance of ABEC 9 but also have less friction due to the ceramic balls and ensure even better running properties and speed.


Attention! Sample images may differ from the original. Pictures will follow shortly.

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